Testimonials“Liz has coached me through several important decisions in my career. Her ability to listen deeply and ask thought provoking questions helped to seamlessly guide me in the direction of my goals.”
Anthony Fasano
Author of Engineer Your Own Success

“Liz worked with me to honed in on specific goals and assisted me in overcoming blocks which stood in the way. Liz was very professional yet at the same time carries a tremendous amount of warmth and care to our sessions. She has been supportive, encouraging and inspirational. She is quite funny as well! As a result of my time spent working with Liz, I have made great strides both personally and career wise.”
Peg W.
Queens, NY

“Liz is truly amazing. I didn’t expect coaching to ever play such a meaningful role in my life, but Liz has such incredible insight that I sincerely believe I am where I am, and have accomplished what I have, as a result of working with Liz. I highly recommend Liz to anyone who’s looking for “more” and “better” now.”
Anita R.
Rockland County, NY

“Liz has great talent as a coach. She’s patient, observant and to the point. She has an innate desire to help and you always feel that your needs are being attended and listened to. She’s a gem!”
Peter Pamela R.
New York, NY

“I was at a terribly confusing crossroads in my career and life when I called upon Liz to help me sort through it all. My sessions with Liz helped me to identify the noise in my life distracting me from understanding and clearly articulating my ambitions – both professionally and personally. She became my compass in the wilderness. The process was challenging but cathartic. I can’t thank Liz enough for her counsel and insights over the last two years. Without her positive and supportive coaching allowing me to reflect and dive deeper into the areas of my life that were stuck, I don’t think I would have transcended the issues I was facing.”
Liz A.
Bergen County, NJ